Researchers Re-grow Hair in Mice

Researchers Re-grow Hair in MiceHair loss problem can soon end, as researchers from Tokyo University claim re-growing hair in mice.

According to the statements revealed from the team of Tokyo researchers, they have efficiently managed to advance the technological development of bioengineered hair follicle regenerative therapy, thereby increasing hope of experts to end hair loss problems in humans too.

The above findings of the researchers have been published in a recent issue of a U. K. scientific journal Nature Communications. The issue explained that the scientists have successfully implanted hair below the skin of bald mice, which will further restore the hair follicle in the scalp of mice and is expected to re-grow hair soon.

The team of scientists ran the above experiment under the guidance of Dr. Takashi Tsuji. Positivity of the finding says that soon, medical history can end male pattern baldness.

The published study explained that fully functional hair follicle regeneration has become possible following the procedure of rearranging the stem cells. The niches in the study’s abstract cleared that research has proved rearranging stem cells in bioengineered hair follicles can help regenerate fully functional hair follicle in the scalp.

"Our study provides a substantial contribution to the development of bioengineering technologies that will enable future regenerative therapy for hair loss caused by injury or by diseases such as alopecia and androgenic alopecia", the abstract concludes.

To get firm results, researchers bioengineered different types of hair-follicle germs on the mice’s scalps, which were the catalyst for hair growth. Researchers then also bioengineered human hair-follicle germs, which too showed growth in mice.

Researchers have given no timeline for the future research to see if the experiment has similar positive results in humans as well.