Care Quality Commission Criticized For Giving Clean Chit to Care Home

Care Quality Commission Criticized For Giving Clean Chit to Care HomeAs per recent findings, it has been revealed that an 80 years old lady was witnessed being slapped by a care worker in the care home, Ash Court, London, she was residing.

The case came into notice after the daughter of the sufferer, Jane Worroll, noticed bruises on her mother, Maria Worroll’s arms and legs. After which, she placed a camera in her room hidden in an alarm clock.

She stated that her mother was suffering from Alzheimers and arthritis, and hence, required a carer around the clock. But the footage she obtained from the camera was more heart-breaking and astonishing.

The footage narrated that Maria Worroll was fed very quickly; she was not provided the service she actually should have been given. Nevertheless, it was witnessed that she was very roughly placed onto her bed, instead of using a hoist; she was, rather, rolled on to her bed.

The most devastating act witnessed in the footage was that the old lady was slapped almost six times by a care worker, Jonathan Aquino.

However, when the case was brought into the notice of Care Quality Commission (CQC), they fired the five main carers of the old lady and Aquino was arrested and sent to prison for 18 months.

Further, CQC visited the home care to acknowledge its care quality and services and hence concluded: “Ash Court ensures that people who use the service are protected from abuse, or the risk of abuse and their rights are respected and upheld”.

The reports put forward by the CQC were a big astonishment for the readers and above all Ms Warroll, who said, “I just felt like they'd basically given [Ash Court] a clean bill of health again, bar two minor adjustments”.

Nevertheless, the CQC is being criticized for the insufficient action that it has taken against the care home.