Nurses Union Plans No Overnight Shift for NSW Residents

Nurses Union Plans No Overnight Shift for NSW ResidentsThe nurses union announces a cutback of 24-hr emergency health services in the region. The decision of the nursing staff means that NSW residents in thousands figure, who are living in rural northern NSW will be not served with any of the 24-hour emergency health services following decision of staff cutbacks at a local hospital.

The above announcements have come from NSW Nurses Association recently. In their statements, the union has clearly mentioned that they have decided cancellation of the nursing night shift at the Bonalbo Hospital.

The plans will be operational from Monday onwards. People in the town and surrounding areas will not be served with any of the overnight emergency care services facility, says the union.

According to the plans, the hospital will close its services from 11pm (AEST) onwards till 7am. During these hours, the emergency health workers will be available on-call ambulance officers.

But the authorities doubt that the decision could severely affect thousands of people living in the region as the nearest hospital with a doctor to serve on call is in Casino i. e. 70km away. Will that be really able to serve the emergency needs of a patient?

The NSW Nurses Association General Secretary, Mr. Brett Holmes, said that the decision has come with very little planning and this can affect thousands of people and their lives.

“The people usually only call on health services during the night when things are serious, so it is important that this community has sufficient capacity to respond during the night”, said Mr. Holmes.

The experts fear that the decision will leave Bonalbo and its surroundings with only one ambulance and on-call ambulance officers during the night. These facilities will definitely not serve the needs of the region sufficiently.