Damaged Nerves to Be Soon Grown Using Scaffold Technology

Damaged Nerves to Be Soon Grown Using Scaffold TechnologyRecent research has proposed that soon damaged nerves will be recovered and grown by using a miniature honeycomb. The studies have suggested that the repair of damaged nerves is tedious, but in cases, where the damage is too little, then the nerves themselves are capable enough to repair the damage.

However in other cases, where the conditions are worse and self-repair system of the nerves does not work, then a technique that includes the usage of tubes is employed.

As per the findings, in this type of technique, one end of the damaged nerve is placed into the tube and the other two ends grow and join in the middle.

However, a team of researchers from the University of Sheffield and Laser Zentrum Hannover, Germany, carried out analysis using a honeycomb structure. They asserted that they selected the honey comb structure as it is much similar to the structure of a nerve

It has been revealed that the honeycomb has holes through which, a cluster of nerves can be directed, including the damaged one, hence, can help engage a detached nerve.

The technology dubbed scaffold technology is being expected to heal the injuries administered in the spinal cord. The researchers of the study are hoping positively to use the technology for the benefit of humans, who damage their nerves during an accident, and hence, the nerve is unable to produce sensation or movement.

Further, it has been illustrated that the structure has been made from photopolymerizable polylactic acid, which due to the action of bacteria, decompose naturally, after the damaged nerve repairs completely.

However, it has been declared that presently, the researchers are carrying out the experimental analysis on mouse, so far it has been discovered that the nerve cells grow very well on the scaffold structure.