New Mater Adult Hospital Gives the Feeling of Entering an Airport

New Mater Adult Hospital Gives the Feeling of Entering an AirportAs per recent findings, it has been illustrated that soon Mater Hospital will be able to include a new-outdoor patient department. As part of the first phase of the new €284 million Mater adult hospital in Dublin, it has been unveiled that the department will include catering services and it is expected that the department will be fully operational by June.

After the completion of the first phase, simultaneously the second phase, which includes the development of a new emergency department, car park, operating theatres, ICU, radiology and single en-suite rooms, is expected to be opened any time between July and December this year. The project is expected to be completed finally by May 2013.

It has been discovered that the hospital has been up for the service of an estimated 16,500 patients every year, which includes an approximate 40,000 day patients and over 47,000 emergency department cases annually.

Administrating the increasing demand of the hospital in case of service providing, the €284 million project for the development of a new hospital was initiated in 2000.

Mater Hospital Chief Executive Brian Conlan stated that the action implemented to build a new hospital was more than appreciation. He asserted that the decision would not only help the patients avail the best services, but would also turn out to be beneficiary for the staff.

He said, “We now have state-of-the-art, eco-friendly accommodation and facilities, creating a perfect environment for delivery of top class care to our patients provided by the best professionals in the business”.

Moreover, he affirmed that the new service included in the hospital, which allows the out-patients to check-in by themselves is a great idea put into action. He exaggerated that if the idea works out, then he would like to extend the self-check-in services even for the emergency department. It has been narrated that the entrance looks as-if a person is entering an airport.