Study Shows Strong Antibiotic Effect over Sperm Vitality

Study Shows Strong Antibiotic Effect over Sperm VitalityA new research of the U. S. researchers reveals strong effects of antibiotics upon sperm vitality in male pseudo scorpions and a massive pass of this toxic effect to their sons as well.

Does that mean that the human males or other species male can also respond similarly? Researchers are hoping yes.

In their study, researchers treated male pseudo scorpions with the antibiotic tetracycline to see its effect over their sperm vitality. They found a significant reduce in sperm viability and also noted that the toxic effect was passed on to their untreated sons as well.

Medical industry commonly uses Tetracycline antibiotics to fight bacterial infections in the urinary tract and intestines, severe acne, rosacea and chlamydia.

The researchers’ recent calculations have added another benefit of the antibiotics to the list as they found a relatively 25 percent lesser sperm viability in the scorpions.

"This is the first research to show a transgenerational effect of antibiotics”, researcher David Zeh, chair of the Department of Biology in the College of Science said in a release about the study.

The above findings were published on Friday in Nature's open access journal Scientific Reports by its lead author Mr. Jeanne Zeh, who is also an assistant professor in the Department of Biology in the University of Nevada, Reno’s College of Science.

The professor prior reporting the findings examined a pseudo scorpion with the help of a microscope and noted the transgenerational effects of tetracycline.

He revealed that the antibiotics showed a very strong effect on male reproductive function and sperm viability by reducing it up to 25 percent and its pass-on to the next generation.

Researchers ran the above study over three-generations of the pseudoscorpion, Cordylochernes scorpioides, a small scorpion-like arachnid. They conclude no antibiotic effect over male or female body size or sperm number or female reproduction.