Long-Term Breast Feeding Considered Strange In Few Countries

Long-Term Breast Feeding Considered Strange In Few CountriesIt has been suggested that breastfeeding for a long duration is beneficial for babies. However, in many countries, the practice of long-term breastfeeding is considered to be strange.

However, in case of Maria Moulton, it has been discovered that she is breast feeding two of her kids one after another, out of which one is old enough to talk. She affirmed that her eldest daughter Lily, self-weaned at the age of three years and 10 months, however, she still has to feed her three-year old Anna and her new born baby Maggie who is about one year and a few months.

However, she is happy about breastfeeding her children, as she illustrated that breast milk can help babies get most of the nutrition required. Moreover, this is an opportunity for the children of being close to their mother. Nevertheless, she asserted that breast feeding helps children when they are sick and unable to eat anything else.

It has been reported that nursing a baby in Ireland is not a big problem for mothers. They do not find it awkward in feeding their toddlers outside. However, in case of bigger children, they are reluctant to feed them out.

Moulton said, “You don’t see somebody nursing a two or three year old very often”.