Teen’s Dying Video Touches Many Hearts

Teen’s Dying Video Touches Many HeartsThere could be no worst feeling at the moment for all those friends of the dying teenager, who have been addressed to closely by him in his emotional goodbye video that has now gone viral.

The video has been uploaded by Shaun Wilson Miller, 17, who is suffering from a chronic heart condition and has been told by the doctors that he has very short life remaining.

Doctors have already performed two heart transplants over Miller both unsuccessful and informs him that he could not survive a third shattering his hopes to live many more years.

The brave dying Australian teenager’s emotional goodbye video has touched not only his friend’s hearts but has also attracted more than 60,000 hits on YouTube in which he has shown his concerns and love for his dad by making a special request to his friends to take care of his dad after his death.

Miller’s video has showcased full enthusiasm to live life. "Hi guys, I have some bad news I have to tell you all”, he said. "I have a chronic heart condition and I won’t be here for as long as I thought. Live to the fullest because you never know what’s going to happen”.