Pigeon Disease Transmitted from Victoria to Western Sydney

Pigeon Disease Transmitted from Victoria to Western Sydney As found by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI), there seems to be an outbreak of pigeon paramyxovirus disease in western Sydney. A private owner has been recently diagnosed with strange symptoms and the department feels this to be a pigeon virus.

In this regard, all the pigeon owners are being warned by the government to take extra precautions so that further spread of this disease could be immediately barred.

Though, this disease is not risky for humans but it could cause lethal affects to birds. As told by one of the spokesman of DPI, “It is not related to avian influenza and doesn't pose any threat to human health”.

All residents are requested to get their birds immediately admitted to the concerned clinics if they found any of them suffering from the following symptoms: Augmented thirst, Diarrhea, less eager to eat normal diet, lack of enthusiasm for moving and flying, wavering of the wings and head, unable to land safely, biased paralysis of the wings and legs and head flipping before death.

Recently, a new pigeon has been introduced into the group of pigeons in western Sydney. This pigeon has been brought from Victoria, where numerous cases of this virus both in domestic and feral pigeons have been recorded earlier. Therefore it seems to be transmitted from there only.