Prolonged Pregnancy Increases the risk of ADHD problems in a Newborn

Prolonged Pregnancy Increases the risk of ADHD problems in a NewbornA recent research has found that heart problems are a big risk for overdue babies. Babies who are born after 42 weeks have a bigger risk if behavioral problems such as ADHD in the early stages of their life. If we talk about some cases in the UK, there are mothers who deliver their baby before 42 weeks but there are some whose pregnancy lasts beyond 43 weeks as well.

The experts from the international Journal of Epidemiology have said that a woman should be aware with the risks associated with prolonged pregnancy and they should avoid it to the fullest, if it is in their hands.

In the Netherlands, where this research was conducted women had the option of choosing whether they wanted their pregnancy to be overdue or not. They had the option of choosing whether to prolong their pregnancy or not.

This study was conducted among more than 5000 babies and it was found that the babies who were born after 42 weeks of pregnancy are more likely to develop behavioral problems and was highly prone to the risk of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

There might also be some complications if there is pre-term or post-term birth. There can be a possibility of stillbirth as well if the problem arises. So mother should not prolong their pregnancy.