Deadly Flu Virus Can Be Used As a Bio Weapon

virusA new study has proposed that strains of a specific flu virus can be far deadly, that it can be used as a bio weapon. It has been asserted that the outbreak caused due to the strain can lead to spread of the disease globally.

It has been termed that this is second of this kind, which is to be published soon, but still a debate over its publishing is going on, as it is being concerned that publishing of the study can help individuals or counties use it as a weapon to destroy nations.

The study has shown the potential of the virus, which is threatened to be used by others to grow more of such kinds. Moreover, it is being expected that the strain can be modified and used to affect even those organisms, which currently can’t be infected by the virus.

The study has pin pointed how a virus, similar to the bird flu virus, can spread readily amongst humans. In order to obtain a solution to it, the study researchers genetically modified virus, until they encountered the factors, which were required by the virus to spread easily and readily amongst humans. However, during the course of study, ferrets were opted, as the effects encountered in ferrets are similar to the ones encountered in humans.