Girl Assisted With Defibrillator after Choking due to Tortilla Chips

Girl Assisted With Defibrillator after Choking due to Tortilla Chips As per recent reports, it has been subjected that a Mastic girl, who stumbled after choking due to a chip, has been successfully operated and assisted with a defibrillator, an electric machine that administers a controlled electric shock to stabilize any irregular heartbeats.

Alana Kiceina was operated at The Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan on Thursday, which started at 2 p. m. and took 90 minutes. However, it has been asserted by hospital officials that the operation went successful and the girl is out of danger now.

It has been stated that the incident happened last Wednesday, when the girl was chasing her dog in front lawn of her home and was at the same time eating tortilla chips. However, a chip choked and she collapsed there itself. It has been asserted that the girl went into cardiac arrest, due to which she was immediately rushed to Stony Brook Long Island Children's Hospital.

It was discovered that when the girl was shifted to children's hospital, she was in critical condition, however, after a few days there was an upgrade in her condition and on Tuesday, she was shifted to Manhattan hospital for the surgery.

Alana's father stated that the doctors affirmed that the collapse was not only due to choking of chip, but even other factors, so they assisted her with defibrillator.