Need For More Alcohol Awareness

Need For More Alcohol AwarenessIt has been revealed by group Balance that there has been a rise in the drinking problem in the people of the vicinity. They are of the view that the rates of 6the disease have seemingly grown a lot in the recent past and this calls for the need for changes to be incorporated while there is still time.

There is need for more efforts to be made for effectively controlling the number of people indulging in alcohol. This is because there has been a rise in the number of people seeking help for the same in the recent past. There have been many people in the recent times, which have been treated for their addiction in recent times. This makes it essential for the authorities to take a firm stand on the matter. There is need for efforts to be made for properly understanding the need of the hour.

“Our region is drinking too much from an early age driven by alcohol which is too affordable, too available and too heavily promoted. Although the Government's alcohol strategy aims to turn the tide against binge drinking”, said Balance director Colin Shevills.