Smoking Cannabis Can Lead To Schizophrenia

Smoking Cannabis Can Lead To SchizophreniaCannabis smoking involves inhaling vapors released by heating the flowers and subtending leaves of the Cannabis plants, known as marijuana. Many adolescents and especially teenagers have been found suffering from marijuana abuse. Now researchers at the Royal College of Surgeons have found out that there are some serious health implications associated with smoking cannabis during adolescence. The findings of their study state that there is an increase in the risk of developing schizophrenia among those adolescents who smoke marijuana.

As the brains of the adolescents are in a developing phase, then there is a heightened increase of mental issues that can occur. These findings of the study comes in wake of recent figures from the Department of Health showing that nearly 8% children of school-going age admitted of smoking cannabis.

Schizophrenia has been associated with a range of different psychological symptoms which include hallucinations, delusions, muddled thoughts, changes in behavior and sometimes failure to distinguish thoughts from reality. At this tender age, it becomes very vital that the development of body is not hampered as these symptoms can lead to lifelong disorders. Cannabis can interact with genes during adolescence and can cause physical changes in the brain which can be very harmful.