Teenager Dies Due To Nurse’s Improper Examination

Teenager Dies Due To Nurse’s Improper ExaminationIt has been reported that a 16-year- old boy in Western Australia, who was sweating copiously and was not strong enough to even stand, had been turned away from hospital premises. An investigation into the matter had been issued.

It has been subjected that the boy, Andrew Allan, was in an unstable condition, he was vomiting and wheezing, when he was admitted to the Northam Hospital emergency department in September 2010.

The investigators had acknowledged that the nurse, who attended the boy, assisted him with hydrolytes and children's panadol. However, no examination of the boy was done by the nurse, nor was he referred to a doctor.

As a consequence, the boy died within a few hours, after being given medication, due to combined effects of pneumonia and swine flu.

Andrew's mother Kylie Allan said, "Her son had been sick for days and was vomiting, had diarrhea and a high temperature when she took him to hospital".

She affirmed that the nurse did not examine her child well; rather, he measured his temperature only after she forced him.

Moreover, it has been claimed that the nurse didn't seek any advice from senior nurse and doctor, who were even present in the department.