HIV Pre-Schooler Expelled From Child Care Center

HIV Pre-Schooler Expelled From Child Care CenterIn a most atrocious move, a Whangarei childcare centre has expelled a four year old boy, on the grounds that he is HIV. This has sparked a lot of controversy and is being termed as medieval witch-hunt. The NZ Aids Foundation director Shaun Robinson has taken up the issue. He said, "We had sent a doctor from our own staff and an Auckland pediatrician to Whangarei to tell the management there was no risk to other children but the officials there had closed minds and were not interested".

The situation for the family of the boy is so worse that his two siblings were not even spared as the childcare centre parents had raised the HIV positive issue. However the two are not HIV positive, about 20 parents turned up at the meeting and harangued staff of the childcare center to the point that the principal became concerned about the safety of the boy's siblings.

It is a proven fact that HIV cannot be transmitted through children playing together, touching each other or hugging. But this dreadful move has shown that no matter how much society becomes modern there are still elements involved that have the thinking of medieval times