Drug Found To Be Potential Enough To Fight HIV Infection amid Risk of Kidney Problems

HIVIt has been reported that a drug potential enough to fight HIV, has been found causing kidney problems.

A U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) staff report has affirmed that the Gilead Sciences Inc's Quad pill, which helps treat HIV infection, simultaneously leads to kidney problems.

The regulators said, “The four-drugs-in-one treatment has a generally acceptable safety profile. But they found evidence of disproportionate numbers of adverse renal events among test subjects that may need to be monitored”.

Moreover, it has been illustrated that safety concerns regarding women are in doubt, as a few women were tested for the drug.

It has been reported that FDA panel will be assisted by outside experts, this Friday to acknowledge the report put forth by the regulators and also the recommendations of the panel will be taken into consideration, whether the drug is to be approved or not. However, it has been revealed that the final decision regarding the drug will be made out by August 27.

However, for Giead Sciences, this drug is the one, which can keep its position high in the market for HIV drugs. The company is currently benefitted by the sales of Atripla, which is estimated to bring about a total of $8.1 billion last year.