Huge Sum for Renovation of Healthcare Centre

FairfieldIt has been recently revealed in a report that the NHS trust board is going to spend a huge sum of £2.25million on the betterment of the Accident and Emergency Department situated at the Fairfield General Hospital.

This huge sum of money is going to be spent by the authorities for improving the accident and Emergency department of the hospital. It shall further expand into a new facility that is going to be especially meant for children. The authorities are of the view that the main aim of this sort of separation is because the major and the minor cases can then be differentiated easily and there wouldn’t be any trouble in locating which patient needs more care in this situation.

“This is excellent news for the patients we serve and for the staff. The expansion will mean that we will have separate dedicated facilities for children, including waiting areas and treatment areas; this will help ease the stress children face”, said Dr. Kassim Ali, a consultant in emergency medicine and clinical lead at Fairfield General Hospital.

There is need for more and more efforts to be made so that the renewed facility serves the needs of the patients as well as authorities in the time to come.