New Breast Cancer Awareness Drive

Moon-walk-marathonIt has been recently revealed in a report that the Moon walk marathon is back and many men and women are expected to participate in this event in full swing this year as well. It was started about 15 years ago, and this time the event shall commence from Hyde Park. The people from different places nearby are going to come and be a part of this event. They are going to be dressed in their underclothes for the walk.

This marathon event is going to be held in the Central part of the city in the night time. The aim of the event is to be able to raise funds for the ones suffering from breast cancer. This shall also increase the awareness in people about the disease and the need for taking a firm stand on the matter, while there is still time for helping a number of women at a potential risk of the disease.

“None of the women in my family had had breast cancer. I was fit and healthy; I didn’t smoke, hardly drank and exercised every day. I am Mrs Organic – if the air isn’t fresh I won’t breathe it”, said Nina Borough, a fashion stylist.