Callous Nurse to Appear In Court Today

Callous Nurse to Appear In Court TodayAs per reports, it has been revealed that hearing in the death case of Andrew Allan, who was sent home from hospital without any physical examination, will take place today. Sebastian Swoboda, male nurse at Northam Hospital is the one who sent ill Allan back home by giving him children’s panadol and hydrolytes.

After a few hours of reaching home, Allan lost his life. It was found that he was suffering from swine flu and pneumonia. Andrew, 16, was suffering from high fever and nausea and his condition kept on deteriorating.

His mother Kylie Allan called up at the hospital and took him there where they met Swoboda, who neither conducted any physical test nor listened to Kylie, who was telling him the problems from which Allan was suffering.

He just gave Andrew a panadol and hydrolytes and sent him back home. Kylie said that his son would not have died, if the nurse would have paid heed to her.

Sebastian will be appearing in the Northam Coroners Court and will be questioned for his callous attitude that he showed on November 16, 2010. “It is also noteworthy Andrew’s mothers concerns were not taken seriously”, said people involved in the case.