Gov. Deval Patrick Cancels Imposing Ban On Bakery Products Sales

CupcakesAs per recent reports, it has been suggested that Gov. Deval Patrick has cancelled his plans of prohibiting sales of Cupcakes, brownies and other baked goodies at Massachusetts schools. He asserted that sale of these treats will be kept going during school hours.

He explained that they aim at taking into account the nutrition of the student, rather than banning such bakery food sales. He exaggerated that their focus is to control the increasing obesity rates amongst children.

Previous reports suggest that the regulation, which was due to be implemented by August 1, was well supported and approved by health officials of the state, acknowledging that it aims at providing the children with a nutritious diet and also fighting childhood obesity.

It was claimed that the introduction of the ban would prohibit the sales of sweets and other bakery products during school hours and also 30 minutes before and after start of classes.

However, parents and a few of school officials warned that the ban would make their life harder, as they won’t be able to raise funds for school activities.

Further, it has been reported that even at the Statehouse, mixed responses for the regulation to be passed, were obtained. Hence, it was declared that the decision for when to open the bakeries is left to the school authorities.