Sahaja Yoga- Next Step to Happiness and Wellbeing

HappinessA new study has claimed that performing Sahaja yoga can be very beneficiary for a better living. It has been subjected that the yoga helps bring the mind at peace and free of tensions, aggression, anxiety, as a result, the body feels light and free from external pressures.

The first ever national study, which took into consideration the quality of health of long-term meditators, included more than 350 people, who were meditating for the last two years.

A team of researchers, who assessed these participants, analyzed that 52% of them were already experiencing mental silence many times in a day, while 32% affirmed that they were experiencing mental peace once or twice in a day.

Ramesh Manocha, Senior Lecturer of Psychiatry, University of Sydney Medical School, Australia, who led the research, said “We focused on meditation as mental silence and surveyed practitioners of Sahaja Yoga who practice this to achieve the state rather than relaxation or mindfulness methods that are usually the focus of other forms”.

He emphasized that the health and positivity of people, who meditated for at least two years was much higher, in comparison to general population. He termed that an estimated 10% of difference was found in these people and the general public, in terms of happiness and satisfaction.