Study Shows That Most Mothers Stop Breast Feeding Way Too Early

Study Shows That Most Mothers Stop Breast Feeding Way Too EarlyThere has been a huge debate on the issue of breast feeding for a long time. There have been many people who have argued on the proper age when the mother should stop breast feeding. Till date there has not been a precise figure that has come out with substantial fact backing it on this issue.

Due to this, many mothers tend to stop breast feeding vey early. Breast feeding is the most vital aspect for the growth of the child, and due to the fact that mother often stop it at an early stage, too few infants are getting benefits from it.

Nearly 44% mothers in US stop the breast feeding after six months, while just 15% follow the guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatrics stating that babies should only be given breast milk till that age and nothing else. The mothers who stick with breast feeding for a year are much fewer.

This has again raised the question that when the mothers should stop breast feeding and move to other things. Without any defined benchmark, it is very difficult for mothers to deduce when to stop breastfeeding, which hampers the growth of the infant. Moreover, low rates and short duration of breastfeeding even leads to breast cancer.