Parents Are More Happier Than Their Childless Peers

ParentsIt is often said that cherish and delight that a parent goes through cannot be matched by anything else. Although parents have an added load of responsibility over their shoulders and studies have shown it sometimes become unnerving, the happiness that also comes with it is worth everything. A recent study from the University of British Columbia has claimed the same stating that parents experience greater happiness and meaning in life than non-parents.

The study was conducted by psychologists in three different stages. They tested whether parents were happier overall than their childless peers, if parents feel better on a moment-to-moment basis and whether they experience more positive feelings when taking care of children than when doing other daily activities.

The Co-author of the study Elizabeth Dunn said, “This series of studies suggest that parents are not nearly the miserable creatures we might expect from recent studies and popular representations”. This study also contradicts other studies that have been conducted earlier that stated that parenting leads to reduced well-being. It focuses more importantly on some crucial factors like age and marital status. The researchers found that if a person is older and married then they are likely to be happier if they have children than their childless peers.