Another Major Healthcare Blunder

healthIt has been recently revealed in a report that the chief medical officer for the Southern District Health Board, Mr. Richard Bunton has put across his apology for the blunder that recently occurred in Otago, where a woman was wrongly diagnosed for breast cancer and had to have her breast removed due to the same.

It was actually found that her biopsy reports had got mixed with that of someone else. This is what caused her to go under the surgeon’s knife and she had to have her breast removed in the process.

The other woman, who actually had breast cancer, was being told repeatedly that her reports were normal and that she wasn’t affected by the disease. The mammography and biopsy reports were mixed and this is what caused such a major blunder.

There is need for efforts to be made by the health officials to provide better health solutions to their patients. It is extremely essential that a proper record is kept on what reports belong to which patient. This is essential so that they get the right treatment according to their needs. This could’ve been life threatening in other cases and there is need for being more and more careful about the same in the future.