Research Unveils Risk of Screen Addiction amongst Youngsters

AddictionA new research has warned that today’s younger generation is at a great risk of being affected by screen addiction. It has been administered that most of the children today, spend majority of their time either playing games on computer or watching television.

The study illustrates that even in an average house in UK, children aged between 10 and 11 years have an access to almost five screens. And the average time calculated spent on these screens accounts for approximately 6.1 hours a day and these figures are estimated to be on a rise.

Rather, it is being suggested that a child born today, till the time they reach the age of seven years, it is being estimated that they will be spending the full one year watching screen media.

Researcher Dr. Arik Sigman recommends that the children of today spend most of their times watching screen media and the day is not far, when these kids will be addicted to the screens.

He said, “Looking at screens produce brain chemical changes, particularly a chemical called dopamine. It's a reward chemical; it makes you feel good when you do something you like”.

He emphasized that if this chemical is produced in excess day after day, majorly during developmental y then it could have drastic effects on children.