New Convenience for Patients

PatientsIt has been recently revealed in a report that people are now going to be able to have a choice of their own for the place where they would want to have their medical tests done. This news was revealed by the Department of Health and they are of the view that the same could be commenced from April of the year 2013.

This new amendment in the rule would mean people would be able to choose for themselves and as per their convenience, they would be able to have blood tests as well as heart scans in the time to come.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said: "Our NHS reforms are all about making life easier for patients. We will make medical tests work for you, not the system, by allowing you to choose where it will be most convenient for you to go”.

It remains to be seen how this new program works for the benefit of the common people in the time to come, and how people are able to make the most out of it, for getting their tests doe according to their convenience, and in places nearby to them.