Researchers Develop Tool to Detect Malaria-Infecting Mosquito

MalariaA new diagnostic tool developed by the researchers from the University of Queensland can be used to identify mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus. This could be prove to be very beneficial as it could help reduce the spread of dengue which is prevalent in parts of Asia, the Pacific and now extending its reach to northern Australia.

Till date there has been no way to stop the spread of mosquito borne illness and only thing a person can do is use an insect repellent or mosquito nets. With the advent of monsoons, the cases of malaria also see a rise and it is hoped that this diagnostic tool would help in putting a curb on that number.

David Muller, one of the researchers who developed this tool, said that they have been working on a new approach to detect dengue-infected mosquitoes. By using a simple electronic device to homogenize or grind up mosquitoes, they can find out whether it can spread malaria or not. That crude homogenate is then applied to the rapid diagnostic test which is available everywhere. Within a span of just 25 minutes, the device detect whether the mosquito is dengue virus infected or not.