Researchers Link Caesarean Section Birth to Childhood Obesity

Researchers Link Caesarean Section Birth to Childhood ObesityA study, published online in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, has revealed a data that shows that births by Caesarean section cause babies to grow obese in their childhood.

It has been told by a team of researchers from the Royal College of Midwives that babies born by Caesarean section have more numbers of Firmicutes bacteria, which is found high numbers in obese people otherwise.

The study had been conducted between 1999 and 2002 in eastern Massachusetts on a total of 1,255 mother and child pairs. Of them, one in every four was a Caesarean section born child and all children were weighed by researchers at birth, six months and three years.

It has been revealed by the study that while 16% of children born by Caesarean section tended to become obese by three years of age. Those amongst the ones born by normal vaginal birth were only 7.5%.

However, it has not focused on finding explanations behind the link, but the composition of gut bacteria is being thought to be the main reason behind the same.

"Expectant mothers choosing Caesarean delivery in the absence of an obstetrical or medical indication should be aware that their children may have a higher risk of obesity”, said the team.