Infant Life Saved Using Artificial Heart

Infant-LifeAs per recent reports, it has been subjected that a 16-month old baby boy had been assisted with world's smallest artificial heart. Italian doctors suggested that the implantation of the heart was necessary to keep the baby alive, till the time they could find any donor for transplant.

It has been reported that the infant was operated last month at Rome's Bambino Gesu hospital. It has been discovered that the baby was diagnosed with dilated myocardiopathy. Under this condition, fibers of heart either stretch out or become enlarged. As a consequence, the heart becomes weak and thus, loses the ability to pump blood across the body.

Moreover, it has been notified that apart from the disease, the baby also developed serious infection near mechanical pump that he was assisted with earlier, for better natural functioning of the heart.

Surgeon Antonio Amodeo said, "This is a milestone". He emphasized that the baby was kept alive using the device for 13 days. He termed that they didn't face any major problem, while operating the child; however, the only problem was that he was operated several times before.

He pointed out that as for now, it was a temporary substitute for transplant but in coming time, it will surely be used permanently.