Obesity to Be Considered As a Major Factor to Determine Whether New Born Baby Will Be Large

Born-BabyAs per findings of a new study from Canada, it has been suggested that obesity during pregnancy can be looked over as a major factor to acknowledge whether the new born baby will be normal, underweight or overweight.

It has been revealed that women, who gained more weight during pregnancy, were proposed to give birth to large babies, which in turn was subjected to develop health problems for both the baby and the mother.

It has been described that all those babies, who weigh nine pounds or more are considered in the category of large babies.

However, after measuring the weight of pregnant women, researchers of the study said, "They found no association between slightly elevated blood glucose levels, below the level needed to classify a woman as having gestational diabetes, and an increased chance of having a large baby".

It has been reported that this finding of the report is a significant one, as American Diabetes Association decreased the limitations for including women under the category of gestational diabetes, so that more number of women can be put at risk of having a large baby.

However, it is being concerned that if weight, instead of glucose levels is the major factor behind having a big baby, then lowering the criteria will not help solve the problem.