Contactless Credit Card Launched by Orange, Barclaycard

OrangeOrange UK is the latest mobile service operator to land into the banking business, launching a contactless credit card, named Orange Credit Card, together with Barclaycard. The card aims to assuage them and assist the users of the network to make contactless mobile payment.

Barclaycard MD Chris Wood said, "We are seeing demand from both retailers and customers for ever more convenient ways to pay and accept payment and believe that mobile and contactless technologies are a key to meeting those needs".

In addition to assuaging its Orange users make payments for small items they buy, the new credit card will also assist its customers keep abreast with their spending habits.

The card makes use of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to facilitate wireless payments, which would be more impressive if it wasn't common to all cards issued by Barclaycard these days. So basically, it's a credit card which gives SMS notifications when used.

Also under the credit card scheme, Orange users will receive regular updates for their weekly balance along with their limit details. In addition, customers can also restrict the usage of their cards online or abroad by just sending a message to the company.

Placing limits on their expenditure for setting up strict budget and checking extravaganzas would be possible for the user. Above all, the Orange Credit Card further facilitates the users to have special access to the tickets with attractive discounts on various Orange mobile products.