Smart Meters Plans for the City Council

smart-meterIt has been recently revealed in a report that a presentation was made by the concerned citizens, in the form of a council meeting. This was done in order to discuss about the unrest among people about the mandating of the Hydro Smart Meter program.

The program is currently all prepared to hit the Comox Valley in the time to come. “Our world has become wireless over the last few decades, as well all know. In saying that, we the public have been able to decide for ourselves whether we wanted to use that system or not”, said Trudy Thompson, one of the presenters.

The group is further of the view that the council could join other municipal parties that have already passed motion in approval of the installation of the Hydro wireless device.

It remains to be seen how things go from here and how many people approve for the installation of the same. There is need for more efforts to be made for effectively planning the best of the details for the city. This needs to be done while there is still time and people can trust the authorities.