Attention Seeking Girls 1st Choice for One-Night Stand, Reveals Study

Attention Seeking Girls 1st Choice for One-Night Stand, Reveals StudyMen prefer dumb girls for one night stand, says a new research. The study, which was taken out by Hemant Mittal, University of Texasat Austin graduate, was of the view that their main was to focus on the sexual exploitability hypothesis.

The hypothesis wanted to see efforts of men and women towards reproduction and by the word silly, they mean a girl, who can be sexually exploited or have no problem in physical advances by a man.

In order to prove hypothesis, the study researchers enrolled a group of undergraduate kids, who were asked to tell some gestures, which signifies low intelligence. Mittal said that they came across 88 signs, and some of the signs being told by volunteers were lip lick/bite, over-the-shoulder look, sleepy, tight clothing, fat, and short attention-seeking and touching breast.

Volunteers said that they were ready to have one night stands with women in such poses. Mittal affirmed that they got to know that dumb girls are the ones, who are constantly struggling to seek attraction.

“And because they want to be the centre of attraction all the time, they start using all their personality traits to garner attention — right from dressing up to talking”, said Mittal.