Health Secretary Supports Health Act

Andrew-LansleyHealth Secretary Andrew Lansley has been claiming that allegations being put on the Health and Social Care Act are wrong, as per a recent report.

While it was being said by Jacqueline Davis, co-chair of the NHS Consultants' Association and a founder member of Keep Our NHS Public that the plan is about privatizing the NHS, he has told that the act is rather aimed at ensuring best quality care for patients.

Also, it is being insisted by Mr. Lansley that the health act is the first and foremost legislation that goes strictly against the discrimination in favour of private health companies. It provides free at delivery healthcare.

The health secretary had joined a Whistleblowing Summit on being asked by trade unions and other healthcare bodies. It was said by Dean Royles, director of the NHS, that health service has even made efforts to encourage staff to report any kind of misbehavior immediately.

Mr. Lansley also questioned the need for NHS properties such as health centres and community hospitals to be removed from local control by April 2013.

The claims by NHS say that more efforts are being made to assure that best services are being provided and concerns are being taken seriously.