New Parkinson’s Treatment Mode

ParkinsonIt has been recently revealed in a report that there might soon be a new mode of treatment found for treating the patents suffering from Parkinson’s disease. There has been the development of a new device which is going to be worn by the patient on the wrist.

This would be able to reveal to the doctors about the actual condition and complexity of the patient, which they might not be able to explain on their own. The device runs on the function which is based by the Florey Neuroscience Institute in Melbourne, would be able to record the changes in the movement of the patient according to every two minutes.

It may either reveal that they are under-treated or over-treated in a way that you hadn't anticipated, Sometimes it shows that they are perfectly well treated so you have to cast your attention onto something else to try and solve it”, said Florey Neuroscience Institutes neurologist Professor Malcolm Horne.

It remains to be seen how much this new device shall be able to aid people in the time to come, and how they shall be able to lead happier lives with increased chances of cure from the disease.