Over-Diagnosis Is a Major Issue of Concern

DiagnosisIt has been recently revealed in a report that an all new way of ailment has come up. This is the issue of over diagnosis. The world is becoming so conscious and aware these days that it is leading to over diagnosis. This means that people are being diagnosed of such problems which they might not even have. This is causing problem for them in the long run.

People have to eat medicines throughout their lives because of these wrongly diagnosed ailments. Doctors are hooking people onto these medicines which they actually don’t even need. This is a troubled situation and there is dire need for efforts to be made to fight the same in the time to come.

“As a side-effect of our improving diagnostic technology, over diagnosis is a rapidly growing problem; we must take it seriously now or suffer the consequences of over treatment and rising health care waste”, said Professor Paul Glasziou from Bond University from Australia.

It remains to be seen how there is awareness spread about the need for a change to take place and how the people are hooked off the excess medicines, in order to lead healthy lives in the long run.