Jury Awards US$3 million to US Family

Jury Awards US$3 million to US FamilyAs per reports, it has been revealed that Jurors in Gwinnet County, Georgia, awarded US$3 million to the family of a US man who died of heart attack while having sex with two women. William Martinez lawyer said that before having sex with both the women, William visited cardiology specialist who did not tell him to avoid any physical activity.

Initially, William’s advocate asked US$5 million for medical malpractice, but jurors rejected the malpractice claim, but they awarded the family US$3 million. Jurors said that they have awarded the amount, as they found that William was liable for 40% of his death.

However, cardiologist Dr. Sreeni Gangasani said he will file another case to prove his innocence. Lawyers Rod Edmond and Tricia Hoffler were of the view that William experienced pain in his chest and contacted the CardiVascular Group in Lawrenceville.

Willam was suffering from high blood pressure, and he thought the pain could be related to it. Doctors also did not tell him to refrain from any physical activity. Resultant of which William suffered heart attack at the time of having sex with two women, and none of the two was his wife.