Confirmed Case of Hantavirus Leads to Issue of Warnings to Deploy Protective Measures

AlbertaAs per recent reports, it has been subjected that residents are being warned to protect themselves from contracting Hantavirus. It has been reported that Alberta Health Services (AHS) has issued the warnings, after a case of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome was confirmed at north of St. Albert.

However, no details and information regarding the infected person has been revealed, apart from that the person belonged to a rural area from AHS Edmonton zone.

It has been explained that the virus can be contracted, when a person comes in contact with fecal waste or other waste of an infected mouse. It has been suggested that the particles of the virus spread into the air and the person can be infected by that.

Dr. Marcia Johnson, medical officer of health said, “People contract it when the area contaminated with mouse droppings and mouse urine is disturbed and you end up breathing in the fine, dusty particles that are contaminated”.

She added that the infection can be contracted by any age person, but majority of young people and healthy people are affected by the virus particles, as they tend to be more active in doing work.

Symptom associated with the virus includes fever, body aches, chills, abdominal problems and respiratory problems.