Study Unveils Old Aged People Not Worst Smelling Humans

smellIt has been since long that elderly people are blamed of stinking or exhibiting bad odor. However, findings in this new study depict that old people might have a specific smell, but that is not necessarily bad.

The study conducted by a team of researchers at Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia suggests that it is always that old people are associated with bad smell, but that is majorly due to the reason that people associate the elderly generation with negativity.

Lead researcher Johan Lundstrom took body odor samples from 12 to 16 men and women, who were categorized under three groups based on their ages: the first one included participants aged between 20 and 30, second one aged between 45 and 55 and the third one included participants aged between 75 and 95.

It has been reported that each participant was asked to sleep with scent collecting pads under their arms. Further, people aged between 20 and 30 were asked to test the samples.

Lundstrom said, “Though the testers could pick out the older scents, they were not considered the worst. The majority could categorize old body odor as old. They were not as good at picking out the odor of younger people”.

It was declared that worst smellers were men, who were middle-aged.