Two-Year Old Contracts Bird Flu Virus; Health Authorities Raise Concerns

Bird-Flu-VirusAs per recent reports, it has been declared that health authorities of Hong Kong have raised concerns following a case of avian flu reported over weekend. It has been discovered that a mainland child has been confirmed positive for H5N1 virus.

It has been exclaimed that this case is the first of such kind to be registered after a gap of 18 months. Further, apart from raising alerts, health authorities have asked out 80 people to undergo a test for the virus. These people are those who came in contact with the two-year old boy from nearby southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

Previous reports suggest that the boy visited a poultry farm, from where he might have contracted the infection. Later on, he developed fever and runny nose, subjecting to which he was taken to private clinic in Hong Kong for treatment.

Latest reports have confirmed that the boy is admitted in a Hong Kong hospital and is termed to be serious. Hong Kong officials said, “The Chinese boy was in serious condition after testing positive for the deadly H5N1 strain of avian influenza and the city had raised the bird flu alert level to serious”.

However, Hong Kong health authorities have even told people to remain calm and not to panic.