Auckland’s Experts Concern Outbreak of Whooping Cough

Auckland’s Experts Concern Outbreak of Whooping CoughIt has been noted by health officials in Auckland that whooping cough cases in the country have augmented significantly as compared to the previous year. The concerns have been calling for awareness in the region.

Whooping cough is a transmissible disease that particularly largely affects infants and small babies. It can be easily spread through sneezing or coughing. Starting from mild cough, it can later lead to fatal consequences too.

It has been found that 7% of cases each year are of children less than one year in age. Also, the age group accounts for around 62% of hospitalizations nationally.

The data revealed has shown almost 322 cases of the illness this year and a third of it is only realized in May. The figure is a five-fold increase to that in the last year, says the report.

Health experts have been worrying the data and have thus been cautioning parents to be careful and remain away from babies. Also, those who come in contact with children often should go for a booster, they suggest.

Further, it is being recommended that children should be vaccinated with three doses, which are given at six weeks, three months and five months of age. Also, older children should receive the same at four and 11 years also.