Legionnaires Disease Outbreak hasn’t yet Left Edinburgh

NHS-LothianIt seems that it would take some more time before the scar of Legionnaires disease can be totally rooted out from Edinburgh. It has been confirmed that those two cases which were earlier categorized as suspected cases of the disease are confirmed now, thereby pushing the figure of suspected cases to 47 from 49.

As of now, there is confirmed news of only one casualty from Seafield in Edinburgh. Nonetheless, there are efforts are being made by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in collaboration with Edinburgh City Council to reach out to the source of the outbreak.

It has further been told that of all the cases which are being dealt in hospitals, 11 were confirmed to be in intensive care while another 19 were told to be in general wards. Some 32 have also been discharged from hospital, and another seven are being taken care of outside the NHS Lothian area.

"These numbers today again offer reassurance that the worst of the outbreak is over. The increase of confirmed cases and reduction in the suspected cases is in line with our expectations”, said the Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon, while affirming that there would be all possible efforts made in the capacity to ensure that the current situation is improved further.