Xbox 360 Earns 45% Market Share in May

Xbox 360 Earns 45% Market Share in MayIt has been revealed in a recent report that the Xbox 360 has yet again seen high sales across the whole US in the month of May.

The report has found that the Xbox 360, which contains six of the ten top-most selling games, has earned a 45% share in the market last month.

The product has been continuously having more than 40% market share for a period of 15 months, Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg has told.

Also, retail analyst firm NPD says that the company has earned $209 million in the month, which is equivalent to the combined spend on the other two current-generation consoles.

As per the findings, the company would be conducting advertisements for the Xbox 360 video game console soon so as to gain more customers and thus, more profits.

"There have been interactive ads on the Web before, but the beauty of it is that we're bringing that to the TV. It's a substantially more valuable ad product", said Ross Honey, Xbox Live online service's general manager of entertainment and advertising.

The people who use the apps from ESPN, TMZ and NBC News on Xbox for watching videos would now enjoy new ad formats. The company has even signed Toyota, Samsung Mobile and Unilever to NUads that is to debut this fall.