Odon Develops a New Healthcare Device

Odon-deviceJorge Odon, an Argentinean car mechanic, has developed a new device for solving the maternal mortality issue being seen since decades, says a recent report.

A joke of his own to take out the cork from a wine bottle with the help of a plastic bag helped him to evolve a new technique. A method that helps a mother to give birth when her baby is unable to come through the birth canal has been found by him.

The "Odon device" is currently under trials so as to test its efficiency and performance. While other techniques like forceps and vacuum pumps are already introduced since decades, it is being said that the new device is cost-effective as well as safe.

As per the process, a disposable plastic sheath is slid around the head of the baby, which enables an attendant to take him out. The advantage of Odon device over other devices is its ability to avoid transmission of HIV to the baby in the birth canal.

"It's inexpensive, it's ingenious, and it's so simple it can be used by lower level staff. If it is approved, it would give resource-poor settings something they very badly need - a new life-saving tool", said Margaret Chan, World Health Organization’s director general.