Doctors Refuse To Assist Suicides

Doctors Refuse To Assist SuicidesWhile there is no doubt the assisted suicides are debatable, a recent conference in Bournemouth showed that not all doctors are comfortable with them taking the final call on the same. it is largely believed by the British Medical Association's doctors that such decision would send a wrong message across one and all that doctors are actually killing people.

The Healthcare Professionals for Assisted Dying (HPAD) is of the view that doctors must take a neutral stance on such cases. "I simply stand for looking after my patients and providing high-quality care. I do not consider the killing of patients, whatever the reason, is justified. That is murder and I cannot commit that offence”, said Dr. Dai Samuel, while making it clear that there is dire need to know what the doctors’ position should be in such cases.

There is need to make it clear that doctors can only treat seriously ill patients and taking stance on such cases is not at all acceptable. It is expected that the BMA would continue doing their work irrespective of the hype such cases create. It is also important that the issue of assisted deaths is being sorted soon before things become all the more complicated.