Father Comes Out Of Coma, Orders KFC Chicken Burger

Sam-BoughenIn a recent report, it has been claimed that a seriously ill father has come out of coma after eight days, while the surprising thing is that the moment he woke up, he ask for a KFC chicken burger! Well, that’s musician Sam Boughen, who instead of asking for his loved ones, ordered for a delicious chicken burger with gravy.

“We all held our breath when he started writing. But when he asked for a KFC, we knew we had him back”, said father of the man, Dad Martin, who also gave 60% of his liver to his son. It was only after series of health complications that he was pushed to coma. He was identified with a genetic disease and he had to go through couple of liver transplants. Furthermore, he suffered from a lung problem and an E. coli infection. Doctors were shocked with the series of health concerns he had to face and remained conscious of the treatment else things could have gone wrong.

He was too weak after he came back from the coma and even had a significant psychological effect too. While he’s under recovery now at home, his fiance Saffron and daughter Lottie in Glastonbury, Somerset, are happy seeing him.