Franken supports troop hike in Afghanistan

AfghanistanDemocratic Sen. Al Franken, who recently visited Afghanistan and Pakistan with Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich, has supported the US plans for expanding the military presence in the region for completely eradicating terror outfits and bringing stability in the troubled region.

Backing Obama’s plans to deploy 30,000 more troops to the region, Franken expressed, "I do support the president's plan. I may have done it a little bit differently myself but I ... came away from this trip feeling that we already have momentum from the president's speech."

It was the fifth visit by Franken to Afghanistan as the war has entered in the eight year with killing of a large number of soldiers, common people and terrorists.

The US administration so far remained tight lipped over sending more soldiers in Afghanistan probably due to rising voices of dissent with the killing of military officials.

Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich said that everything has been running positive in Afghanistan.

He, however, asked for the need to recruit trainers and providing additional support to train Afghan police and military.