Marie Curie Cancer Care Organizes Charity Painting Competition

Marie Curie Cancer Care Organizes Charity Painting CompetitionA recent report showed how hundreds of children from Surrey schools came forward to raise funds for a noble cause.

It was done with the help of a painting competition which was organized by Marie Curie Cancer Care. “We all had a fantastic time getting our hands dirty with the Mini Pots of Care scheme, for some of the children this is the first time they have taken part in planting”, said Unit Guider Suzanne.

Moreover, Hannah, a member of the 9th Walton Brownies, has managed to win the first prize. In the competition, Mini Pots of Care scheme were painted and subsequently, taking the daffodils to someone whom they really care about. Whatever they could earn through this, would be injected in the charity.

Meanwhile, it has also been called by the charity that a Blooming Great Tea Party should be organized by as many as people as possible in the month of June and July. Funds raised through the tea parties would be injected for nursing for cancer patients.

There is need for people to understand the relevance of these small efforts which would be able to make hell lot of difference in the lives of those who are suffering with cancer.