No more Admissions in St John's hospital’s Children Ward

St-John-hospitalStaff shortage has led St John's hospital, West Lothian, to stop admitting children in its children’s ward. The authorities concerned were of the view that they will continue to assess patients, but if it comes to admitting children then they have to shift them to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh.

The hospital will remain in the same condition for at least three weeks and it is not possible for the hospital to incur sufficient staff for three weeks. This is the reason for which they have decided to take such decision.

It shall however be noted that the unit will get back to its normal schedule, which is seven days a week and will remain open for 24 hours, from July 30. Till then, all arrangements have been made to shift children to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, but only at the time, if they needed to be admitted in the hospital.

Dr. David Farquharson, who is medical director of NHS Lothian, said, "Reducing the service provided by the children's ward on a temporary basis has been a very difficult decision to make”. There are chances that new recruitments will be done to ensure that patients do not have to bear the brunt.